The Food Outreach program came to be in 2022, as Covid 19 highlighted the need of food supports beyond the folks who access the main kitchen.
The Food Outreach program recognizes that food insecurity plagues so many families and individuals in our city, and our goal is to alleviate food burdens for folks.

Partnering with service agencies across North Bay, the program is low barrier and open to anybody who is in need.   Fresh made meals are prepared and frozen daily, and are then provided to recipients on a regular basis, along with an assortment of pantry items. 

In our busiest months, we were providing meals to approximately 500 individuals on a weekly basis.  That equates to 2000 meals out the Outreach doors every week!

*PLEASE NOTE*  The Food Outreach Program is currently not in operation.  We are working to ensure we are operational as soon as possible.  Please continue to check back on this page for when we will be operational, how to connect with the program, and changes that will be made to service.   We have loved serving the lovely folks of North Bay, and look forward to when we are operational once again.